A world in which human rights are respected.


AAS works to defend and promote human rights through prevention, assistance, training, research and advocacy activities.


Defending and promoting human rights
Monitoring the implementation of human rights in Romania in accordance to national and international laws
Assistance for people in need
Optimization of professional skills for those with working attributions to defend and promote human rights
Community development, involvement and information activities within the community
Research of social phenomena
Legislative analysis and proposals of future law
Lobby and advocacy activities in the area of human rights
Consultancy for private and state institutions
Promotion of professional status of psychologists and social workers
Development of professional training activities for adults in accordance with existing law
Training, educating and raising awareness of the need to protect and promote human rights


Innovation, creativity
Respect for diversity and human values
Welfare and human dignity for all

Focus area:

Defending and promoting human rights
Preventing and combating human trafficking
Preventing and combating abuse and negligence towards children
Preventing and combating human rights violations and discrimination
Conducting activities in support and assistance of elderly people
Relapse prevention
Preventing and combating domestic violence
Preventing and combating work exploitation
Promotion of non-custodial alternatives to prison sentences
Rise of public safety
Preventing and combating negative effect of migration
Educational and professional training activities
Assessment of professional competence
Promoting Volunteerism
Organizational and community development
Preventing juvenile delinquency
Lobby and advocacy
Strengthening the organizational capacity of institutions that promote and protect human rights
Conducting studies and creating informative materials
Awarding scholarships and grants
Research, lobby and advocacy activities in promoting and defending human rights and also preventing and combating human rights violations,
Promoting innovative social services, pilot projects of assistance of people in need