Organizational Policy of the Alternative Sociale Association on the Protection against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA)

Policy objectives. Target audience

Policy objectives: To promote a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual exploitation and abuse (EAS) among all employees and associated staff  of ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION and ensure that roles, responsibilities and standards of conduct in the field of EAS are known within the ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION. Creating and maintaining a safe environment, without EAS, taking appropriate measures in this regard, within the organization and in the communities where ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION operates, through solid prevention and response actions.

Target audience: All employees and associated staff of ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION

Effective Date: 14.02.2023.

Mandatory revision date: 14.02.2024.

Approved by Decision nr. 1 of 14.02.2023 of the Board of Directors of the Alternative Sociale Association

1. Policy Statement

1.1. EAS violates internationally recognized legal standards and norms and represents unacceptable and prohibited behavior among humanitarian personnel, including employees and associated staff of ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION.[1]

1.2. ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION has a zero tolerance policy towards EAS. All employees and associated staff of ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION [2] must always adhere to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct and provide humanitarian assistance and services in a manner that respects and encourages the rights of beneficiaries and other vulnerable members of local communities.


[1]Bulletin of the  Secretary-General of the United Nations ST/SGB/2003/13, 2003.

[2] “Associated” staff includes subcontractors, consultants, trainees or volunteers or working on behalf of ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION.

2. Scope

2.1. The policy guides ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION’s approach to prevention and response to EAS. The policy is addressed to all employees and associated personnel, both on and off duty.

3. Definitions

3.1. For the purposes of this Policy, the term “sexual exploitation” means any actual abuse or attempted abuse of a position of vulnerability, differentiated power or trust including, but not limited to, for sexual, financial or political purposes.

3.2. Similarly, the term ‘sexual abuse‘ means an actual physical intrusion or attempted sexual intrusion, by force or under unequal and coercive conditions.


[3] Both definitions were taken from United Nations Secretary-General Bulletin ST/SGB/2003/13, 2003.

4. Commitment to PEAS

4.1. ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION will undertake every possible effort to create and maintain a safe environment, without EAS, and will take appropriate measures in this regard in the communities in which it operates, using a solid PEAS framework, including prevention and response actions.

4.2. This PEAS framework reaffirms  the  ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION’s commitment to the Special Protection Measures for Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (ST/SGB/2003/13) in the United Nations Secretary-General’s Bulletin and to the full and continuous implementation of the IASC’s six EAS Core Principles.


[4] The six fundamental principles of IASC, available at:

5. The six fundamental principles

5.1. EAS committed by employees and associated staff  of ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION are a form of aggravating conduct and therefore serve as grounds for dismissal[1], under the conditions provided by applicable law.

5.2. Sexual acts with children (persons under the age of 18) are prohibited, regardless of the age of majority or consent in force locally. Forming a wrong opinion about a child’s age is no excuse.

5.3. It is forbidden to offer money, jobs, goods or services for sex, including sexual favors, or other forms of humiliating, degrading or exploitative behavior. This includes making the provision of assistance due to beneficiaries conditional.

5.4. Any sexual relationship between employees or associated staff  of ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION and beneficiaries of assistance or other vulnerable members of the local community, involving misuse of status or position, is prohibited. Such relations undermine the credibility and integrity of humanitarian aid work.

5.5. If an employee or associated staff member of ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION is concerned or suspects that a colleague is involved in sexual exploitation or abuse, then he/she must report such suspicions through existing reporting mechanisms.

5.6. All employees and associated staff  of ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION have the obligation to create and maintain an environment that prevents EAS and encourages the implementation of this policy. Managers at all levels have particular responsibilities to support and develop systems that maintain this environment.


[5] Adapted for this PEAS policy. The list is not exhaustive.

[6] Including termination of all other forms of contractual agreements, such as volunteering assignments.

6. PEAS Framework

6.1. Prevention:

6.1.1. Verification: ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION systematically checks all potential candidates for a position in accordance with established selection procedures.

6.1.2. Training: ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION conducts mandatory induction and review trainings[1] on PEAS policy and procedures for all employees and associated personnel.

6.2. Answer:

6.2.1. Reporting: ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION has secure mechanisms and procedures for reporting EAS, confidential and accessible to staff, beneficiaries and communities, including children, and ensures that beneficiaries are aware of them.

6.2.2. Investigation: ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION has a procedure for investigating allegations of EAS and  will, properly and without delay, investigate allegations of EAS against associated employees or personnel, or address the relevant investigative body if the alleged perpetrator works for another entity. Referral to national authorities: If, after proper investigation, there is evidence to support the allegations of EAS, national authorities may be referred to initiate prosecutions.

6.2.3. Victim assistance: ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION has a system for promptly referring EAS survivors to available services, according to their needs and with their approval.

6.3. Cooperation agreements:

6.3.1. All contracts and partnership agreements of ALTERNATIVE SOCIALE ASSOCIATION include a standard clause requiring contractors, providers, consultants and sub-partners to comply with a zero tolerance policy towards EAS and to take measures to prevent and respond to EAS.

6.3.2. If such entities or persons fail to take measures to prevent EAS, investigate allegations in this regard, or remedy it when EAS has occurred, this will serve as a basis for terminating all cooperation agreements.


[7] The training shall include at least the following: 1) the definition of EAS (which corresponds to the UN definition); 2) prohibition to commit EAS; 3) actions employees and associated personnel must take (e.g. swift reporting of allegations and referral of survivors).