Between 1997-2001 we have implemented the project ”Experimental Probation Centre of Iași” with the technical assistance of the Cambridge Probation Office. Between 2000 and 2004 we have contributed at the development of the Juvenile Courts from Iași, Hîrlău, Pașcani and Răducăneni. From 2006 we have participated with specific activities to improve and increase the transparency level of the Romanian justice system and preventing corruption.

Between 1997 and 2003 we have worked on the social reinsertion of former convicts. More than 200 people have participated at educational activities, vocational courses and qualification courses while still in detention, benefiting at the same time of financial support for starting a business after serving their penalty based on the qualification obtained.

From 1997 we have been organizing training seminars for police officers, prosecutors, judges, penitentiary staff, psychologists and social workers on the following themes: preventing juvenile delinquency, forming the magistrate spokesman in relation with the media, deontology of magistrates and police officers, advocacy elements, child hearing in judicial procedures, operational management, preventing and fighting against corruption, psychosocial assessment of offence victims and management of judicial system.

„Interviewing children throughout the legal proceedings. Handbook” (2011)
”The deontology of police officers. A way of preventing corruption” (2009)
”The relationship between police officers and the media” (2009)
”Management elements applied to police activity” (2009)
”Guide for child hearing in judicial procedures” (2009)
”Victim protection” (2009)
”Sustainability elements for magistrates organizations” (2009)
”Deontology of magistrates. Contemporary reference points” (2008)
”Elements of judicial management” (2007)
”General and specific in training the magistrate spokesman” (2007)
”Guide information in the field of human trafficking. Prevent, combat, assistance to victims” (2006)
”Guide of non-formal education for imprisoned people” (2006)
”Trafficking in human beings. Offender. Victim. Crime” (2005)
”Guide of institutional practices in investigating cases with minors” (2005)


Professionals trained

Publications (titles)

Beneficiaries of direct services


”Romanian-Norwegian experience exchange on the topic of children with imprisoned parents”
”Collaboration prevents discrimination” (partner)”
”Children with imprisoned parents: invisible children”
”Optimizing the management and increasing the transparency level of the Romanian justice system”
”Promoting the integrity of magistrates and increasing the level of public trust in the justice system”
”The Experimental Probation Centre of Iasi”
”Probation in Romania, from experiment to fundamental principles and work methodology – Seminar”
”Training for the probation counsellors in the Cambridge Probation Office”
”Public safety or juvenile delinquency”
”The specialized day-time centre for the re-socialization of pre-delinquent and delinquent children that come from socially underprivileged families” (partner)
”Social re-education and re-insertion of the Roma underage delinquents from the Centre for Minors Iasi”
”Underage and young delinquents – on a new road of rehabilitation”
”The Juvenile Court of Iasi”
”The Juvenile Court – expanding in Iasi county (Pascani, Hârlău, Răducăneni)”
”The Juvenile Court of Vaslui and Botosani”
”Developing alternative measures to detention for minors” (partner)
”Developing the criminal policy on community service in Romania” (partner)
”Social partnership for convicts’ reintegration – Therapy community” (partner)
”The initiative of reintegrating former convicts through labour”
”Education in penitentiaries: realities, practices and collaborations for education in European penitentiaries” (partner)
”Developing participative democracy through community service” (partner)
”Creating a unitary practice at the Court of Appeal of Iasi in judging the cases on human trafficking” (partner)
”A new road for the minors from penitentiaries”
”A chance for the young released from penitentiaries”
”Developing the psychological assessment sector for the victims of offences”
”Children with imprisoned parents, intervention for diminishing the negative consequences and improving mental health”


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